Life and Style from a Georgia girl in the the Philly Suburbs


In a few words:

I live in Pennsylvania with my boyfriend, Harry, our dog Tess, and our cat Rumble. During the day, I’m a product manager at a software company. At night I’m usually walking with Tess, marathoning Netflix shows (current faves: West Wing, Lost, GOT, and The Walking Dead), or attempting to blog!

Why a blog?

I’ve actually attempted a blog 3 times before. I obviously failed at those (haha). Each time, I had the idea of helping other girls like me get through life. One relatable story at a time. Post by post.

Where did the blog name come from?

I grew up in Georgia – hence the “peaches” part. After going to grad school in New York, I moved to Pennsylvania. I also started “penning” my blog. I originally was going to use Peaches to PenN, but if I ever move away from PA, I still want the blog name to make sense!


You’re still reading? Well shucks. Here are some more tidbits:
  • I’m 31.
  • I could eat Mexican every day (sometimes I do. #noshame).
  • I’ve recently discovered that onions can go on anything.
  • Nordstrom is my BFF.
  • I’ll easily spend 2 hours in Target.
  • Office supplies are the BEST.
  • My hair is naturally straight and I’m way too lazy to style it 90% of the time.
  • No, my hair color isn’t real.
  • I read. A lot. Invite me to your book clubs!


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