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Affordable Holiday Decor

affordable holiday decor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


I’ve always loved the holidays. When I was little, I had very bad asthma. I needed lots of medicine and breathing treatments. I couldn’t play outside because the weather would trigger coughing. So, my mom would warm up her car and drive me around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. I I especially liked the multi-colored lights on trees and around houses. I called them “mults.” My love for decorations hasn’t changed much over the years; I still drive around and look at mults. And now we’re finally in our first home that we can decorate! I don’t want to spend tons of money – especially on items that we’ll only use for 1-2 months per year. Luckily, there are many ways (and places to shop!) for affordable holiday decor. I’ve put my favorites – including ones that I’m using – below. Happy holidays!


One of the new “traditions” in our house that I’d like to start is adding some type of decoration to each room, even if it’s small. I love going into a secondary room – like a bathroom or guest room – and still seeing some type of decor. Here are the rooms in our house – so far – that have some sort of decor (even if its 1 thing):

  • basement/man cave
  • powder room
  • kitchen/dining area
  • living room
  • office
  • guest bathroom
  • guest room

I still need to get decorations for the master bathroom and the master bedroom! Don’t worry, I’m workin’ on it 🙂

Here are a couple of the rooms with my favorite decor so far! Obviously it’s still a work in progress, especially since this is our first Christmas in the new house.


Basement/Man Cave

This is Harry’s room – he constantly hangs out here with his friends watching tv or playing cards. The decor is masculine. We’ve got a leather sectional, dark table, and dark TV console. I added 2 decorations down here to keep it simple: a silver reindeer and a silver metal tree. Both are on the TV console.

affordable holiday decor

Ignore the cords – ew.

Here are some other ideas for a man cave area:


Powder Room

We have a small powder room that has cube shelves (I think that’s what you call them). I like to change out the decor to match the seasons. The silver tree, cardboard present boxes, and “Merry & Bright” sign are all from Homegoods.

affordable holiday decor

I’m 90% sure that this shelf is upside down…


Kitchen/Dining Area

The kitchen and dining area is really 1 big room. We already have red accents in the kitchen year-round. Decorating has been relatively easy! I added a red runner on the island (technically it’s not long enough, but I still like the way it turned out), and grabbed a couple things from the dollar section at Target. I also have Christmas-y flowers out. Lastly, I have a soldier statue on the countertop.


affordable holiday decor

$3 from the Target dollar spot – you can’t beat that!


affordable holiday decor

Only $5 from the Target dollar spot area!


Our dining table already has red placements. I added a silver shatterproof bauble tree for the centerpiece.

affordable holiday decor


Living Room

I saved the best for last! We have our Christmas tree in the living room, along with a couple other pieces on and around the TV console. Harry and I have a fake tree because we have allergies – what do y’all normally get? The gift boxes under the tree are from Homegoods. Homegoods has them in every possible color combo and they’re SO cheap! Perfect for sticking under the tree (PS – these are empty right now!). The tree itself has silver and red ornaments. The round ones are from Target. We’ve also collected a bunch of ornaments from traveling, so those are on the tree as well!

affordable holiday decor

affordable holiday decor

Got this ornament when we went to California in 2014.

affordable holiday decor


The silver vases on the sides of the TV console are from Target. I use them year-round and just switch up what’s inside. The silver tree stuff is from my local grocery store (Wegman’s). You could find something similar at Michael’s/Jo Ann’s or even make your own with silver spray paint. The 2 metal Christmas trees are also from Target (there’s a theme here…). The red/silver/wood balls are from Wegman’s. I use the glass vase thing year-round and just switch up what’s inside; normally there are grey wood balls there.


affordable holiday decor


Have you decorated for the holidays yet? Let me know how you’re decorating in the comments!

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