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Gift Guide for Her: Under $50

under 50 gift guide

It’s gift guide time! Last year, I made 2 gift guides: one for women and one for men (they’re still great for gift inspo, so check ’em out!). This year, I’m doing something a little different based on feedback: I’m focusing on price points. So my first one is a gift guide for her, featuring items that are under $50! These items are great for:

  • your sister
  • your mom
  • a friend
  • a coworker
  • a teacher
  • a neighbor
  • a random girl on the subway who needs a pick-me-up


Face Mask ($3.75)

I use these peach masks at least once a week. They make wonderful stocking stuffers! If the peach version isn’t your thing, TonyMoly makes TONS of other ones. I’m also partial to the aloe mask (great for moisturizing) and these little eye patches for the under-eye area. Tip: buy a couple and give your girlfriend/mom/sister an “at home” spa gift!


Cashmere Gloves ($49.50)

These gloves are SO soft and come in tons of colors. They’ve got special threading so that you can still use your phone even with the gloves on. There’s also a fingerless version, which would be great if your office is an icebox like mine.


Festive Candle ($9 – $28)

Candles make great gifts for everyone on your list. Just make sure to pick out a scent that they love. I’m obsessed with candles from Main Line Candle Co. The company is local (bonus points) and run by the nicest woman (more bonus points!). And if you’re not local to me, don’t worry: she ships! My favorite scents are blueberry lemon cobbler, white tea & ginger, and peonies & peaches.


Sugar Lip Blooming Beauties Collection ($38)

Fresh makes some of the best lip treatments known to mankind. This lip set is perfect for someone who’s never tried Fresh, or someone just looking to change up their routine. Harry, please put this in my stocking 🙂


Kendra Scott Bracelet ($45)

How pretty is this bracelet?! It’s perfect for work, home, holiday parties, and anything else. The bracelet comes in gold, silver, and rose gold!


Floral Diffuser ($24.95)

I have this pretty diffuser in my home office! It comes with a bottle of lavender essential oil, but you can use any kind of oil you want with it. This is a great alternative to those clunky plastic diffusers that need to be plugged in.


Mini Jewelry Box ($34)

I’m adding this adorable jewelry box to my list as I type. This would be perfect for someone who travels and usually sticks their jewelry in ziplock bags (aka me). I love the blush color!


Holiday Mug ($4.99)

This mug is made for coffee warmed spiced wine! Besides, everyone knows that you need a mug for each holiday.


Scarf ($30)

Neutral scarves go with anything. This scarf comes in a muted gray and nude pink. The fringed ends are cute!


Carry-on Champagne Cocktail Kit ($25)

These little cocktail kits are amazing! Harry and I had them on our flight to Italy. If you have a friend/sister/mom who is traveling soon, do her a favor and get her a kit. I love this one because it’s champagne (duh) and comes with Sugarfina gummies!


Makeup Pouch ($14.95)

The pouch you carry your makeup in is just as important as the makeup itself. When you get ready for a touch-up, remind yourself of how good you look with this adorable pouch! This one is also going on my list…


Happiness Planner ($30)

The Happiness Planner is a planner that focuses on…happiness. There are writing prompts and areas to reflect. The best part is that the planner isn’t dated, so you can start your journey to happiness whenever you want! I have the pink version. It also comes in a royal blue.


Decision Paperweight ($18)

If your loved one is indecisive, help them out by gifting them this decision paperweight. Should you go to the gym tonight? Pass the buck. Should you order pizza? Maybe.


Fleece-lined Socks ($49.50)

Just looking at these fleece-lined socks makes me want to sit in front of a fire with hot chocolate. They come in 4 colors: cream, pink, dark merlot, and charcoal (those aren’t the actual colors, but no one’s gonna know what the heck “freshwater pearl” is, so I made it easy).


Marc Jacobs Daisy Rollerball Trio ($45)

The Marc Jacobs Daisy scent is a classic. This set includes the original Daisy scent, as well as 2 newer ones: Daisy Dream and Daisy Eau So Fresh.


Brunch So Hard Kit ($14)

Okay, this little brunch kit is perfection. It has a mini stain remover, a sweet vs. savory coin, a PANTS EXPANDER, and more. So cute.



Which gift ideas are your favorites?! Let me know in the comments. Happy shopping!

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