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Juicy Tidbits vol. 3 (A Life Update)


Hey what’s up hello?! I haven’t done a Juicy Tidbits/life lately in over a year. Oops. So many things have happened! We moved into our new house, made friends with our neighbors, I started a new job, and Stella the “tiny” puppy is now over 50 pounds.


Our House

As a mentioned in my last update, we bought a townhouse! We were fortunate enough to get into a new development that was being built and got to see the entire building process. It’s crazy how fast the construction crews build the houses. Our frame was done in a little over a month. Harry and I would go visit our home site each week to see progress (and take pictures, obviously). Here are a few snaps of the progress:



Houston, we have a garage (sort of…)!


2 floors

More progress!

We have windows!

We have windows!

house siding

The house is really coming together in this one! The siding is a green/gray and our shutters will be a dark berry color.

The Neighbors

I was kinda worried about the neighbor situation because I’ve never had great neighbors – even growing up. And while our old apartment complex teemed with people our age, we never met a single person!

Maybe permanent home ownership changes how you interact with those around you. I’m not sure. I do know that we’ve met some incredible people in the short time we’ve lived here so far. We met one couple during a visit to the home site. They walked over and introduced themselves. We discussed having a “yappy hour” with all of the dogs in the neighborhood. Nina and Alex (hi!!) have since moved in across the street from us.

The other couple we’ve met moved from the UK a little over a year ago (Hi Emma and Tom!). We finally introduced ourselves after seeing them at the homesite every single weekend (they were just as obsessed about the process as we were). Emma and Tom moved in over the 4th of July weekend.

Nina, Alex, Emma, Tom, Harry, and I make up the “cricket crew.”


Becca and Harry

Not pictured: Tom and Emma @ Longwood Gardens. My poncho is out of stock, but I love this one and this one


New Job

I think I hinted about my new job on social media. It’s not really new anymore; I’ve been there since May. But it’s new to the blog – so there! Tom (the UK friend) got me the interview where he works. I was pretty frustrated at my old company. The new job was perfect timing. Plus, my commute is now 2 minutes – literally. That’s been life-changing!


Stella the Horse-dog

Okay, she’s not THAT big. But she’s much bigger than when I got her. Stella weighed around 10 pounds when we picked her up from the foster mom. She now weighs over 50! Stella (aka Stellie, Fat Girl, Chubby cups, or Tinky. Does anyone else do this: call your dog other things besides their real name?) has had an eventful life so far. Around 4 months, she broke her leg flying running down the stairs. The whole thing was awful. Stella screamed. I’ve never heard an animal scream before. It was heart-breaking and I still feel guilty because I was the one at home when it happened. I sometimes think about what I could have/should have done differently.

She’s healed up now and loves to play. Here are some recent pics:



Watching Mom while she takes a bath. I’m not creepy at all.




New phone, who dis??





Tell me I’m pretty.



Just hanging out in my favorite chair…


I hope y’all are having a wonderful fall, and are getting ready for the holiday season!