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Our New Puppy Named Stella [photo diary]


Happy National Puppy Day!! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have picked up on our new puppy Stella! She’s a Labrador Retreiver/Carolina Dog mix from South Carolina (a southerner just like me!).

So why a puppy? Because we wanted a companion for our other pup – Tess. Tess is an Aussie cattle/beagle mix with HUGE ears (evidence below).


Harry and I adopted Stella from Home At Last Dog Rescue (HAL). HAL is the local rescue that I also adopted Tess ¬†from back in May 2013. If you’re looking to adopt, I highly recommend HAL!

Here are a couple of my puppy tips so far (if you’re thinking of getting one!!):

  1. Prep ahead of time: get everything you need before you pick up your puppy. You’ll need a crate, food/water bowls, toys, food, blankets/bedding, leash/collar, name tag, and a harness. Make sure to also have dog cleaner. It’s formulated especially for cleaning accidents and preventing dogs from having accidents in the same spot.
  2. Figure out a feeding and potty break schedule and STICK TO IT. I literally had 8 alarms set throughout the day for eating, walking, etc. This schedule helped us house-break and crate-train Stella in a week!
  3. Schedule a vet appointment asap to get started on vaccines, get a microchip, and to get a puppy check-up.
  4. Cuddle with your puppy – I SWEAR it’s a stress reliever. And I think it removes wrinkles too. I wonder if it’s possible to bottle up puppy cuddles??
  5. Take pictures!! Stella has already gained 10 pounds and we’ve only had her for a month. The puppy phase will go by fast!

Now get ready for some pictures of the cutest puppy ever (I miiight be biased)!!



Do you have a dog? Have any puppy tips? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Yay! Congratulations! I love to see rescue puppies get new, and loving homes.

    • Becca


      Thank you! She’s been such a good puppy. I can’t believe how fast she’s growing. How’s the mama-to-be feeling? Ready for July?

  • Madeline Mihaly

    SHE IS THE CUTEST ANGEL I’VE EVER SEEN. okay the caps lock might be a but much but I want to hold her so bad!

    xo, Maddy

    • Becca

      If you ever come to PA, you can totally hold her! Though she may be HUGE then! Her paws are massive!

  • Omg, she is a doll!! Congrats! I have two rescues, but got them as adults. Puppies are too much but how cute!

    • Becca

      This will probably the only time I get a puppy. You’re right, it IS too much! I didn’t really write about it, but I’ve been VERY overwhelmed.

      Tess was ~9 months when I got her and it was the perfect age. She was housebroken/crate-trained and had gone through the bad parts of the puppy phase already.